Thursday, June 30, 2011

Switzerland Tour: Mount Titlis (Day 6- Part 2 of Chan Brothers Europe Travel)

Finally, after the cable rides up the breathtaking scenery, my Dear and I, together with the rest of the tour group reached the top of Mount Titlis! When we stepped out of the cable car, we proceeded directly into a storey in Mount Titlis building.

My Dear and I felt giddy. This was understandable as we were 3,000 m above sea level. We took the lift down to have our lunch at a restaurant. We gobbled up the large hot dogs (the largest we had ever eaten) and the spaghetti.

After lunch, we felt giddy still but we proceeded to the top of the building to do what we were here in Switzerland for: that is right, to play with snow!

As it was April, it was not snowing. We were surprised that the UV rays were very strong as they painted our transition spectacles a dark black!

I was ecstatic to touch snow for the first time of my life. Snow is just like ice. I sank my gloves deep into the snow, held a large chunk of the snow in my gloves and took a bite of it! Ya, I ate snow! The taste was fantastic! Like 101% Pure Ice!

My Dear and I were busy snapping photos and photos of ourselves in this show-stopping and magnificent scenery. The other tour members were having fun as well. My Dear and I slided down the little ice hills and trekked up to the top of Mount Titlis on one side. The weather was icy and cool but the UV rays were still strong.

After an hour and a half or so, we proceeded down Mount Titlis. The tour group had a tour photo before embarking on the tour coach towards our next destination in Switzerland: Lucerne. We reached Lucerne at 5pm (local time) after a 2 hour journey.

When we reached the hotel in Lucerne (Hotel Monopol), what greeted us was the best and tidiest hotel room we had ever been! The bathroom was super spacious (though the floor leaked and the ceiling was low). The bed was generous in size.

My Dear and I did not join the rest of the tour group for a guided and quick tour of the vicinity as we were not feeling well. Dinner was packed dinner, arranged by the tour manager and sent directly to our room.

At around 7pm, my Dear and I went on our own to explore the vicinity. Shops were closed. The cold winds chilled us as we were wearing Singapore heartland wear then. We bought a cup of hot chocolate (it was actually Milo) up to our hotel room from the StarBucks café on the first storey of the hotel. The cup was small but it cost close to Singapore $18!

We would be having one full day Free and Easy tour of Lucerne after a city tour in the morningtomorrow. It was a good night for us as compared with the past few nights, we needed not to pack our luggage as we would be using the same hotel for tomorrow night as well!