Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mount Titlis, Switzerland Tour (Day 6- Part 1 of Chan Brothers Europe Travel)


After a hearty breakfast, it was time to bid farewell to Milan and to Italy after spending 4 days visiting Rome, Vatican City, Pisa, Florence, Venice and Milan. This morning, we would be heading to Switzerland and the first stop of the itinery was to play with snow at Mount Titlis in Engelberg!

Mount Titlis was the highlight of our Europe Tour in Switzerland! To prepare for what the tour manager told us to anticipate on Mount Titlis, my wife and I spent days prior to our tour, purchasing good leather good, leather jackets and other winter ware.

When we ate our breakfast, I was already decked out in some woollen clothing, for adding the other heavy-duty winter wear later on in a stop the tour manager promised to give us. The tour coach, reached the Switzerland checkpoint after passing through the Italian town of Como, an hour later. There was not much checking at the checkpoint and our coach continued its journey. The sights which embraced us soon after our tour coach entered Switzerland were mountains and alps, which were really very refreshing! And 100% Fresh Nature and Coolness!

To our surprise, it seemed that the tour manager did not really make a stop for us to change into our winter clothing. This raised the ire of my wife and I, however the tour group managed to change into our “Winter Battle Order” as soon as we reached Titlis Rotair at an impromptu location. Yes, when we were at the foot of Mount Titlis at Titlis Rotair, preparing to purchase tickets for Aerial cableway Trübsee-Stand and Aerial Cableway Titlis Rotair, the scenery was already stunning!

There were altogether 2 rides to the top of Mount Titlis: first a cable car sliding up from the foot of the mountain. The cable car could sit 6 persons and my wife and I were seated with 2 other Chinese couples from our tour group. After departing from the cable car, our tour group of 24 next took the rotating cablecar (Titlis Rotair) where about 60 to 70 stood inside it. As we ascended Mount Titlis, the scene became amazing, the weather much colder and we feel some headache.

Soon we arrived at the top of Mount Titlis, 3000 metres above sea level!