Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last day of Chan Brothers Europe Tour: Paris Free and Easy (Day 10)-Part 1 of 4

Today was the last day of our Europe tour before the departure back to Singapore tomorrow. As much as my Dear and I missed home, the home food and the hot and humid weather, we still were a bit sad that today would be the last day of our Europe tour.

Today was our second and last day in France and the tour itinery for today was Free and Easy, with the much looked-forward shopping trip at Lafayette and then there were recommendations from the tour guide to visit the Louvres Museum as well as the grand show Moulin Rouge. The whole tour group, except for a family of 4 females and a pair of Malaysian aunties chose to watch the Moulin Rouge Show and the tour manager was kind enough to charter a bus for this purpose.

We started the day early, departing from the hotel at 0815 hrs, after yet another breakfast buffet which we now were afraid to eat anymore! The tour manager advised us to shop early to avoid the China crowds who would then pack the shopping mall. The 24 of us strolled with the tour guide from the hotel to La Defense Station, all in Paris. It was a refreshing walk in the morning to the station and seeing the office crowd at the station.

The tour manager bought tickets for the group of us, only to find that he had bought the wrong ticket later. He rebought the tickets again and off the group went, taking the train. I scrutinized the train route map and it was such a maze! Initially, the tour manager proposed to alight at a certain station but he was not really sure and later we were guided by an experienced wise uncle in our group to alight at Augor instead.

The train ride was the first Europe train ride my Dear and I had taken.

The whole commuting experience was quiet unlike the noisy crowd of our Singapore counterparts. From there, we walked to Lafayette shopping centre. (continued in Day 10-Part 2 of 4)