Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lafayette shopping tour in Paris, France (Day 10)-Part 2 of 4

After showing us the location for tax redemption and the place to meet for pick-up to the Moulin Rouge show, it was free and easy for the tour group. As it was early, the shopping centre was not crowded, after the cue was given, the ladies and women, including my wife, sped off to locate their favourite bag shops! And the men, including me, were seen catching fast behind their wives, ready to take out our wallets!

My wife and I went to Louis Vuttons shop where I bought a bag for her. Then we shopped around. Lafayette is like Singapore’s Orchard Road to Paris, but it was really nothing really spectacular (Orchard road is much better). My wife and I shuttled between Lafayette and the Printemp shopping centre just nearby and proceeded to claim our tax refund.

After two hours of shopping at Lafayette, we went strolling in the vicinity, visiting the pharmacy (where I loaded up my hair loss shampoos once again after Switzerland’s pharmacy), then we dropped by at a typical French restaurant called Brioche Doree. We ate geinuely 100% French baguette and croissants as well as coffee.

We sat on the upper storey of the restaurant, spending our time idling and relaxing. We wondered how we were going to spend the next 7 hours (only 12 pm then) before pickup time to Moulin Rouge show. My wife and I talked about how we loved the tour but time just passes so fast when one is enjoying. Soon, we will be heading back to work and back to Singapore, and hence we were determined to make the very best use of whatever time we had in our Europe tour. (continued in Day 10-Part 3 of 4).