Friday, May 20, 2011

Italy tour: Tuscan fine dining dinner, Tuscany, La Certosa (Day 3)- Part 4

I still could remember the 2nd dinner my wife and I had when we were in Italy. We were in Tuscany and the dinner that night was a fine dining dinner, Tuscan style. Even when I had the travel itinery, I had started to google on “Tuscan Dinner”, hoping for a clue on what this dinner is all about. Alas, after a hard day of travelling and touring, we arrived at a semi-posh Italian restaurant for our Tuscan dinner.

I have had not much of a fine dining in my life and so did my wife. Hence it was quite thrilling to have the first fine dining of our lives, in pure Italian style in nowhere than Italy. There was beer, fresh beef and quite a salty mix of spaghetti and other fare. There was live opera-style singing, dancing and participation of the diners. It was indeed a romantic dinner for my wife and I and we would not forget this dinner. The restaurant was also set in a scenic location and together, all these add up to a truly memorable dining experience in Italy, Tuscan style.

Amazing too was the fact that the restaurant was opposite a place called La Certosa. La Certosa was once a castle but now it was a monastery, occupied by 5 brothers, who came out only 2 times a year: Eastern Day and Christmas!