Friday, May 20, 2011

Italy tour: Our tour of Rome (Day 2)-Part 5

Our (my wife and I) very first night in Europe was soon drawing to a close when we reached an Italian restaurant for our first genuinely European fare: an Italian dinner! It was indeed such a relieve for us as well as, in my belief, the rest of the tour group, as the group has ventured for more than 30 hours or so, unbathed, from Terminal One of Singapore, all the way to Turkey for transit and then to Italy airport, and visited 4 major attractions in Italy without any pause. It was hence a major feat for all of us! We were all tired and my wife and I learnt that the day in Italy at this time of the year, is especially long as at 8pm, we were still soaked in Sunlight as though it is 5 to 6pm in Singapore!

The Italian dinner was comprised of 3 parts: spaghetti, beef and gelato ice-cream (a must try ice-cream when one comes to Italy). My wife and I sat with a pair of old aunty friends from Malaysia for the dinner. Halfway through the dinner, I and another youngster went to buy mineral water bottles from a nearby shopping mart in the train station. My wife and I bought 8 large bottles. The water was cheap, costing just 25 Euro cents per two litres! That was much cheaper than the 1 Euro dollar for a similar bottle the bus driver sold to us.

Water, a sacred resource is made even more sacred here in Italy when we had travelled thousands of miles from Singapore to reach Italian ground. My wife and I had also prepared mineral water bought in Singapore, but they will run out as days pass.

Water in Italy is not for consumption as it may not be hygienic. Our night experience also taught us that the water in Italy is not good for washing bodies as it is hard water. Yep, my body is still not clean after washing.