Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hong Kong Tour: Ngong Ping Village- Path to Enlightenment

Seated magnificently on a mountain of Lantau Island, Hong Kong , overlooking the whole of Hong Kong island is the majestic Tian Tan Buddha! To reach this giant Buddha at Ngong Ping Village, one can choose to take either Bus 23 or the more exciting option of the cable car from Tung Chung cable car terminal; my Dear and I choose the latter! The cable car ride took all of 25 minutes. It was definite not a draggy journey as it was a scenic ride. We took in all the sights the ride could afford us: from the beaches, to the mountains and to the seas! Take a look at this photo!

The many coloured dots are not debris strewn on the shores, these are actually human! : farmers hard at work, harvesting oysters! Some of these could land up in your dishes the next time you eat Char Kway Teow!
Midway up the ride, when the cable car cabin reached higher altitudes, we could not see a thing from our cabin as the cable car cabin was engulfed in clouds and fog! Luckily, my Dear and I did not choose the pricier crystal cabin (for which the floor of the cable car cabin is transparent) for it would not make a difference anyway with all cabin car cabins being engulfed by clouds. Soon, we reached Ngong Ping village. It was super cold at the village and we heaved a sign of relief as we were decked in our jackets. The village seemed to be the confluence of heaven and earth as the clouds or fog (if you are less exciting) enveloped us.
We made our way up a long flight of stairs at the Po Tian Monastery to reach the greatest attraction at Ngong Ping village: the Great Tian Tan Buddha!
And higher my Dear and I climbed, amidst all the clouds and fog. At these high altitudes, temperatures were very low and we were freezing. We were making our way to see the Wisdom Path.
Finally, we reached the Wisdom Path and surrounding us were Giant pillars containing time-honoured, enduring Chinese scriptures of Wisdom ... ...

Wisdom which transcends the annals of time, wisdom which transcends civilizations, the weather elements.

We were ENLIGHTENED! The world today needs WISDOM! One can be rich, clever but to be Wise, one must practice true discipline.