Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grand Finale to Chan Brother Europe Tour- Moulin Rouge, Paris, France (Day 10)-Part 4 of 4

Moulin rouge reminded me of the show by Nicole Kidman. Hence I was keenly looking forward to the Moulin rouge show which our mini coach is headed. The tour group spent the time on coach trying our best to absorb in the sights and sounds of Paris as it was our last day in Paris.

We learnt from our tour guide that Moulin Rouge show is situated near France’s red light district and along the way, he signalled us to look at the women of the night if there are any.

Tickets to the Moulin Rouge are highly coveted; The tour manager told us that he was lucky to get good tickets and good seats for us. A European man asked me whether I had any spare tickets during queuing, to which I said no. The Moulin Rouge “auditorium”, as I called it, was a giant windmill. There was tight security and we had to surrender our bags and even cameras!

Soon, the doors opened and our tour group being the first in line was ushered first. What an amazing sight! The interior of Moulin Rouge was not an auditorium I expected. There were hundreds of French and European diners all enjoying fine dining inside! A stage was at the centre and from it, there were arcs and arcs of tables and chairs, with all of the diners dressed immaculately and dining in a fine manner.

My wife and I experienced a culture shock looking at the amazing sight! It was pure 100% grand and paying 100+ Singapore dollars for such an experience is worth it! To our dismay, instead of the best seats that our tour manager had booked, the usher sat us at the farthest “in”, at the edge of the arc. I was at the very edge, my wife in front of me. However, later she sat beside me as we are close sweethearts! The tour manager nevertheless apologized to us and told us our tour group should be more aggressive to take up the seats in front of us, which were then filled by the China tourists.

Before the show, there was light singing and my wife and I, seated at the edge could not even see anything much! When the show started, the curtains swinged aback and then to the amazement of my wife and I, we were shocked! Many thin ladies came dancing forward, showing to the audience, all and sundry, their flat breasts! At this time, I saw many breasts shaking in front of me, many bums swaying in front of me that the rest of the tour group joked that I have the best view. Hmm, breast view must I say and their swaying of their pong pong dress hit my hair too!

I can hardly say a word! Moulin Rouge is such a spectacular show combining acrobatics, singing and talking dogs, fantastic dance moves, music from 80s to modern hits and many many more! It is a show my wife and I would never forget! A spectacular show with no parallels, in the thinking of my wife and I !

Our group, left one minute before the formal end of the show to avoid the crowd! What a spectacular grand finale to our Europe 12-days tour! The experience was simply magical! We returned to hotel very late, close to 12 am, but it was okay as tomorrow being the 11th and departure day back to Singapore, we could wake up late in the morning.

My wife and I were pleased we paid to watch Moulin Rouge! It made our Paris tour complete and our Europe Tour gratifying!