Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chan Brothers Paris Tour- Heading back to Lafayette (Day 10)- Part 3 of 4

France is a romantic city where one can see couples kissing openly in the public. We were always on our guard too in a foreign city. I was appalled to see a man without 4 limbs begging, there were only a woman begging with her child and a man with his dog.

We returned to Lafayette and I bought a bag for my mum at Longchamps after long waiting (the crowds has began to form then). As my wife would want to buy a Geok shoe, we went around looking for a Geox shop. Our thrill at finding one quickly turned to disappointment after learning it was just a Geox office.

We spent the day walking around the shopping centre. At Printemp shopping centre, my wife bought a Prada wallet. We hid in the shopping centre as it was too hot outside. We then loaded up on water from a water cooler in Printemp outside a toilet and we sat on a bench outside the toilet for 2 to 3 hours, resting and passing the time. We were feeling quite parched and thirsty and did not have energy to go to the Lourves Musuem. We were shocked to see a French male shopping assistant using the female toilet openly. In Lafeyette, I was shocked and used a large toilet with many cubicles shared by both genders!

We spent our time at Lafeyette, going to the top of the centre for photos of the surrounding skyscrapers, trying to read books but all in French. At last, dinner time came, and we went to the one remaining opening stall left at the restaurant on the top floor of Lafeyette where we are beef and meat from a black French cook. We proceeded to the tax redemption counter and after waiting for 20 minutes or so, watching the China tourists occupying the waiting areas outside the hotel, unfazed by the policemen who asked them not to block traffic, we boarded the bus to the Moulin Rouge show. The tour manager told us that the bus he booked was suddenly called off and he has spent his day looking for a replacement and which he successfully did. (continued in Day 10-Part 4 of 4)