Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hong Kong Tour: Victoria Peak

This is the highest point on Hong Kong Island: Victoria Peak!
My Dear and I were high up on the peak last Saturday night and words just could not describe the magnificent scenery which unfolded in front of us! We felt like the TOP OF THE WORLD and looking down on creation….. (as the song goes).
The whole peak was smoggy and my Dear and I could no longer differentiate whether these are smog, fog or clouds but we believe that these are layers of clouds, top layers of clouds to be exact! The fog flew like wind, everywhere, the mist, fog or clouds were just breezing past us and it was chilly cold!

We ascended (and later descended) Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram and you should give it a try! Travelling 45 degree up and down the slope is once in a life-time journey and seeing the mountain and city view breeze past you 45 degree is really such an insight!
Victoria Peak in Chinese is called ‘Tai Ping Shan’ which literally translated means ‘Peaceful Mountain’ and my Dear and I found that this appellation is yet simple but so significant! Victoria Peak towers above the rest of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong Central surrounding it. I got a feeling that day and night, this Great mountain is like a Great Deity, blessing and watching over the lives of Hong Kongers and the prosperity of the nation. The diverse skyscrapers, no matter how different they are in height, shapes or sizes, seems to form a tidy line in front of Victoria Peak, seeming paying homage to the Great Mountain for its daily blessing of Hong Kong Nation!
And my Dear and I found perched on top of the mountain, even higher than the Sky Terrace where we were watching the magnificent sky view of Hong Kong, a house or called it mansion. We wondered who would be living on the top spot of Hong Kong’s highest peak. I tried to ask some of the officers around but they were unsure.

Wow! If I were that lucky man who live on such an Excellent spot in the world: top of Hong Kong’s highest Peak, higher than the skyscrapers and the clouds, I would be most happy! For the air on this spot is just so clean and unpolluted and not to mention, very very fresh! I may live up to 100 years or more here on the top of Victoria Peak, never mind if I lead a simple and rustic life, free from the humdrum and stressful city life of modern metropolis and to eat simple, non-preserved vegetables for the rest of my life!

You may be wondering whether the house might belong to the richest Chinese cum Hong Konger, Li Ka Shing, however we were shown by the tour guide the area he lives (quite near to a famous beach) and hence it might not belong to him.

But the house might belong to some wealthy folks too, who could afford the money to buy a house that sits on top of Hong Kong!

These days, back to Singapore, I might just climb Mount Faber to get that ‘top of the world’ feeling, though it is just roughly 166 metres in height… however that is Singapore’s very own ‘Top of the World’.